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How does it work?

By connecting all of your financial accounts, Sequence allows you to view how your finances are distributed across all accounts with a dynamic money map. Live updates on where your balances stand, and full control of exactly how much of your income goes where.
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Is Sequence secured?

The security and privacy of our community is a top priority. We use industry-standard, bank-level encryption to keep your money and data safe.
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What type of accounts can I add?

Sequence connects with thousands of financial institutions using Plaid's API.
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I don't know how to code!

No worries! Sequence was designed so that anyone can use the power of conditional logic aka IF statements. However, it will be useful to have an idea what your financial strategy and goals are. 

Can I change or cancel my plan?

Of course! You can cancel or change your plan anytime.

What is Sequence?

Sequence is the first of its kind financial router! Visualize your money flow, set smart routing rules and execute complex financial strategies all from one single, powerful platform.

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