Connect your income sources

Create ports in Sequence and connect your incoming funds into it. For this example, we created a port and routed a salary to it using a direct deposit switch within Sequence.

Next, integrate your accounts

Connect your existing bank accounts, credit-cards, financial apps, or Crypto wallets. We integrate with thousands of financial institutions. In our example, we connected a credit-card liability account.

Create smart rules

Set rules to control precisely how much, when, and where you want to route your funds. Let's set a rule to transfer 20% of every salary income to your credit-card liability account.

Extend your rule with IF statements

Add IF statements to your rules to enable advanced conditional logic to your transfers.
For example, you can set it to stop transferring funds once your credit card liability balance is less than $300.

Pile rules into a Sequence

Add as many rules to match as many scenarios - they are all piled up in a Sequence between your port and your account.

but stay in control

Set your notification preferences to stay in control while unleashing the power of automations.